Which one of the following is the unit of specific weight? Fluid Mechanics

  • N/m3
  • N/m2
  • N/m
  • N/ms
Answer: N/m3
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  1. Which one of the following is the dimension of Weight density/Specific Weight ?

  2. Find the Weight of the wooden block of width 2.5cm and depth 1.5m, when its floating horizontally in water. The specific weight of of wooden block is 6376.5N/m3

  3. A beaker is filled with a liquid up to the mark of one liter and weighed. The weight of the liquid is found to be 6.5 N. The specific gravity of the liquid will be?

  4. An object will _______ if the weight of it is equal to the weight of the water in which it is in.

  5. In a pool you have an apparent weight of 250 N, if there is 70N of force acitng on you, what would be your weight outside of the pool?

  6. The power transmitted through a pipe is (where w = Specific weight in N/m3, and Q = Discharge in m3/s)

  7. Water is flowing through a pipe of 5cm diameter under a pressure of 29.43N/cm2 (gauge) with mean velocity of 2m/s. Find the pressure head and kinetic head per unit weight of water at a cross section.

  8. The unit m3 is a unit of:

  9. Which one of the following is not a unit of dynamic viscosity?

  10. The diagram shows a U-tube with cross-sectional area A and partially filled with oil of density ρ\rhoρ . A solid cylinder, which fits the tube tightly but can slide without friction, is placed in the right arm. The system is in equilibrium. The weight of the cylinder is:

  11. According to Archimede's principle, if a body is immersed partially or fully in a fluid then the buoyancy force is _______ the weight of fluid displaced by the body.

  12. If the weight of an object is < the Buoyant Force, the object will ......................

  13. If the weight of an object is < the BF, the object will:

  14. Archimedes' principle states that the weight of the fluid an object displaces is equal to the buoyant force acting on the object.

  15. A bath toy weighs 1.2 N outside of the tub, the in tube it had an apparent weight of .75 N, what is the buoyant force acting on the toy?

  16. If Archimedes principle applied in this situation, what is the weight of water displaced by the stone?

  17. A stone tied up to the spring balance then dipped in the water. After reach a certain depth, the weight of stone decrease as shown. What is the buoyant force exert on the stone?

  18. An object will NOT sink if its weight is ______ ______ _____ ______ ______ the buoyant force.

  19. If an object weighing 50.0 N displaces a volume of water with a weight of 10.0 N, what is the buoyant force on the object?

  20. States that the buoyant force of an object is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the water. This explains why big ships float.


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