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RL Circuits MCQ

1. Which type of special purpose diode is formed by a metal and semiconductor?

  • Schottky
  • Varactor
  • Tunnel
  • Zener

2.  The maximum rate of change of a sine wave occurs at 180∘ and 360∘ 

  • True
  • False

3. As frequency increases, inductive reactance increases. 

  • True
  • False

4. Inductive reactance in a parallel circuit is treated just like resistance in a parallel circuit. 2) 

  • True
  • False

5. Inductance is a ________ value, while resistance is a ________ value. 

  • floating, static 
  • reactive, dynamic 
  • dynamic, static 
  • dynamic, reactive 

6. In A RL AC Circuit The sum of resistance and reactance is referred to as ________.

  • geometric resistance
  • conductance
  • impedance
  • susceptance

7. Resistance and reactance must be added geometrically because ________.

  • inductor current lags inductor voltage by 90 degrees
  • resistor current is in phase with resistor voltage
  • they are out of phase
  • all of the above

8. In an RL circuit, the product of current and voltage is referred to as ________. 

  • apparent power 
  • imaginary power 
  • reactive power 
  • true power 

9. Inductor quality is determined by ________. 

  • operating frequency 
  • coil winding resistance 
  • the inductance of the coil 
  •  all of the above 

10. In an inductor, current lags voltage by 90∘. 

  • True
  • Fals

11. The maximum rate of change of a sine wave occurs at 90∘ and 270∘ 

  • True
  • False

12. What type of semiconductor is used in LED electronic circuits?

  •  Intrinsic semiconductor
  •  Compound semiconductor
  •  Degenerate semiconductor
  • Compensated semiconductor

13. Mass action law is not valid for which type of semiconductors in electronic devices?

  • Compound
  •  Elemental
  • Degenerative
  • Compensated

14. Which of the following effects is responsible for violating the mass action law indegenerative type semiconductor electronic devices?

  • Thermal effect
  • Bandgap narrowing effect
  • Lattice vibration effect
  • Electronic drift effect

15. The deviation in the resistance of a resistor is known as

  • tolerance
  • capacitance
  • inductance
  • none of the above

16. Which among the following is a current controlled device?

  • BJT
  • IGBT
  • JFET

17. An electronic component used to store electric charge is

  • inductor
  • resistor
  • capacitor
  • none of these

18. We can construct exclusive -OR gate using which other gates?

  • AND, NOT  and  OR gate only
  • AND and NAND gate only
  • OR gate only
  • all of these

19. When the temperature of the semi-conductor is increased, the conductivity will …

  • decreases
  • increases
  • same every time
  • all of the above

20. The output of half wave rectifier is:

  • AC
  • Pulsating DC
  • Filtered DC
  • DC

21. When a PN junction is forward biased

  • Depletion region decreases
  • Minority carries are not Attested
  • Holes and electrons move away from junction
  • All of above

22. Ceramic rings are used as _______.

  • Bonding agent
  • Strong coupler
  • Impedance regulator
  • Insulator

23. Which of the following is not a physical component of an electronic circuit?

  •  Capacitor
  • Inductor
  • Diode
  • Temperature

24. Which of the following is the correct relationship between temperature (T) and mobility (u) of electrons in electronic circuits?

  •  u ∝ T-3/2
  •  u ∝ T-1/2
  •  u ∝ T
  • u ∝ T-1

25. As frequency increases

  • both series and parallel RL impedance decrease
  • series RL impedance decreases and parallel RL  impedance increases
  • series RL impedance increases and parallel RL  impedance decreases
  • both series and parallel RL impedance increase

26. Which resistive component is designed to be temperature sensitive?

  • Thermistor
  • Rheostat
  • Potentiometer
  • Photoconductive cell

27. A voltage will influence current only if the circuit is:

  • OPEN

28. If 60 J of energy are available for every 15 C of charge, what is the voltage?

  • 4V
  • 60V
  • 15V
  • 0.25V

29. Which explains how John and Nelson felt about jumping from the rocks into the deep water?  

  • Nelson jumped right off the rocks into the deep water, but John waited until last to jump because he was a little bit nervous.  
  • John and Nelson were both nervous about jumping off the rocks because they were higher up than they looked.  
  • John jumped right off the rocks into the deep water and waited patiently for Nelson to jump next.  
  • John and Nelson waited with the adults before they swam into the cold water with the other kids.  

30. About which event do the kids and the adults agree?  

  • Sam is a pest and is not wanted on the trip.  
  • The water is freezing and no one should play in it.
  • Everyone was scared that Jouh almost went over the waterfall
  • Jumping into Midnight Hole from the high rocks was the best part of the day.  

31. How is Aunt Amy similar to the kids on the trip?  

  • Aunt Amy and the family do things quickly.  
  • She has fun and does adventurous things like Nelson and Mary.
  • Aunt Amy and John are both scared about going over the waterfall
  • She is bothersome like Sam and should spend the day with Grandma.  

32. How do John's emotions change from the beginning to the end of the story?  

  • He was nervous but excited about hiking, but then felt lucky and happy about going to Midnight Hole.  
  • He was freezing and unhappy because the water was cold, but then became stuck and scared in the waterfall.
  • In the beginning, he was excited and happy, but became scared by the waterfall and felt lucky when he was safe.  
  • In the beginning, he was impatient and restless about hiking with his family, but then became calm and confident when he jumped over the falls.  

33. How do John and Nelson act differently when John nearly goes over the waterfall?  

  • John is calm most of the time, and Nelson does not know how to help him.  
  • John is upset at the adults for not helping him, and Nelson is trying to stop him.  
  • John is scared of going over the waterfall, and Nelson stays calm while saving him.  
  • John is mad at himself for being careless, and Nelson does not know what to do next.  

34. Which sentence from the selection supports the idea that the trip provided a variety of enjoyable activities?  

  • "Mom and Dad were taking Matt and me to Spin N Splash for the day."
  • "It has over 75 rides,including 17 roller coasters." 
  • "It is the best place in the world!"
  • "We had been to Spin N Splash before and had ridden almost all of the rides."

35. Which is the purpose of the statement, "It all happened so fast, it took our brains a minute to catch up with our bodies"?

  • To emphasize the ride's overwhelming speed.
  • To express the ride's ability to rattle the mind.
  • To demonstrate the ride's powerful locomotion.
  • To explain the ride's unbelievable height, twists, and turns.  

36. Why does the narrator ask, "Did we scream"?

  • The beating of the children's hearts was so loud in their own ears they could not hear their screams.  
  • The screams of the other riders make it too difficult to hear their own excited screams.  
  • The ride is so thrilling and intense that it is over before they are even aware of their own screams.
  • The force that pushes the riders back into their seats also weakens any screams made by the riders.  

37. Which statement implies the children were nervous about riding Scary Mountain?  

  • "It was so high and fast, we could not believe it."
  • "Almost every rider screamed when it took off."
  • "We thought about chickening out."
  • "We were so high up and we got there so quickly."

38. Which sentence from the selection describes the advantage of a rollback?

  • "A computer launches the Scary Mountain trains."
  • "Sometimes it does not give the train enough speed to get over the hill."
  • "'We would get two rides.'"
  • "'We're already going to be scared out of our minds anyway.'"

39. Lorsqu'un circuit RC série est employé comme un circuit passe-bas, aux bornes de quel composant prélève-t-on la sortie ?

  • Résistance
  • Condensateur

40. A/n ______________________________________ is one in which there is an opening that does not allow current to flow.

  • Open circuit
  • Closed circuit
  • Series circuit
  • Parallel ciruit

41. Quel composant d'un circuit RC est responsable de la dissipation d'énergie ?

  • La résistance
  • Le condensateur
  • La self
  • All of above

42. A complete electric circuit that allows electrons to flow along an uninterrupted path is called a/n ___________________.

  • Open circuit
  • Closed ciruit
  • Electric circuit
  • Series circuit

43. When you flip a light switch on and off you are closing and opening a circuit.

  • true
  • false

44. What is a switch's function in a circuit?

  • to make the current hotter or colder
  • turn on and off the flow of electrical current
  • the pathway that electrical current flows
  • to add more power to the circuit

45. When all parts of the circuit are connected it is a ______ circuit. 

  • open
  • closed

46. Which best describes a simple series circuit?

  • Electricity flows along one pathway.
  • The flow of electricity comes from the switch.
  • Electricity flows along many pathways.
  • The flow of electricity comes from the light bulb.

47. Current is...

  • how fast the electrons are moving
  • the flow of electrical charge
  • the power source
  • the amount of energy gained/lost across two points

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