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Management accounting MCQ

1. What is standard cost?

  • The average unit cost of product produced by other companies.
  • The average unit cost of product produced in the current period.
  • The budgeted unit cost of product produced in a particular period.
  • The average unit cost of product produced in the previous period.

2. Period costs

  • are selling costs and administrative costs.
  • are used to compute product cost.
  • can be included in overhead costs.
  • are carried in inventory until the goods are sold.

3. Indirect costs examples

  • utility cost
  • sales manager salary
  • direct materials
  • Both A & B

4. Which of the following are tools of management accounting?

  • Decision accounting
  • Standard costing
  • Budgetary control
  • All Of above

5. Why are budgets useful in the planning process?

  • They provide management with information about the company's past performance.
  • They help communicate goals and provide a basis for evaluation.
  • They guarantee the company will be profitable if it meets its objectives.
  • They enable the budget committee to earn their paycheck.

6. In a segmented income statement, which of the following statements is true?

  • Segment margin is equal to contribution margin less direct fixed expenses
  • Common fixed expenses must be allocated to each segment
  • Segment margin is greater than contribution margin
  • Gak ngerti jawabannya sampe pengen nangis

7. Which of the following is not a Branch of Accounting

  • Financial Accounting
  • Money Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Management Accounting

8. A master budget consists of

  • an interrelated long-term plan and operating budgets.
  • financial budgets and a long-term plan
  • interrelated financial budgets and operating budgets.
  • all the accounting journals and ledgers used by a company.

9. The corrective actions after the analysis of variances has to be taken by

  • Cost accountant
  • Management
  • Both a and b
  • None of the above

10. A balance sheet is a form of

  • Dynamic financial reports
  • Static financial reports
  • Activity reports
  • None of the above

11. Mixed costs is a combination of variable costs and fixed costs. It is also known as

  • semi-variable costs
  • semi-fixed costs
  • fixed cost
  • relevant cost

12. A formula for computing direct materials price variance is

  • Actual quantity purchased × (Actual rate - Standard rate)
  • Standard quantity purchased × (Actual rate + Standard rate)
  • Actual quantity purchased × (Actual rate + Standard rate)
  • Standard quantity purchased × (Actual rate - Standard rate)

13. A document that records the standard cost of a single unit of product is known as

  • Materials cost card
  • Standard cost card
  • Product expense card
  • none of the above

14. Management accounting deals with

  • Quantitative information
  • Qualitative information
  • Quantitative important
  • Both a and b

15. Which of the following is an advantage of standard costing?

  • Measuring efficiency
  • Facilitates cost control
  • Determination of variance
  • All of the above

16. At breakeven point there is

  • Profit
  • Loss
  • No profit or loss
  • None of these

17. Which of the following is not an operating budget?

  • Direct labor budget
  • Sales budget
  • Production budget
  • Cash budget

18. Purpose of financial accounting is

  • communicating company position to investors
  • helping managers make decisions
  • future oriented
  • single person orientation

19. Contribution margin ratio can be calculated in all of the following ways except

  • fixed costs / Contribution margin per unit.
  • 1 − Variable cost ratio.
  • contribution margin per unit / price.
  • total contribution margin / Total sales.

20. Companies may choose to use variable costing because it

  • accords with GAAP
  • is useful for external reporting
  • is most useful for management decision making
  • provides the gross margin

21. Which of the following would be an example of a direct materials cost?

  • engine on an airplane
  • lubricant used to manufacture a lighting fixture
  • glue used to build cabinets
  • nails used to manufacture a table

22. While sending the goods for distribution, packing the goods in Carton box will be considered

  • Direct Material
  • Primary Packing
  • Secondary Packing
  • Direct Expenses

23. Which one of the following is not a limitation of Financial Accounting

  • It ignores qualitative aspects
  • Window Dressing
  • It ignores quantitative aspects
  • It ignores Price level changes

24. A segment could be which of the following?

  • Product
  • Customer type
  • Geographic region
  • All of these

25. Which of the following cannot be a reason of unfavorable direct materials price variance?

  • Excellent employee training program
  • Inefficient standard setting
  • Ineffective purchasing agent
  • Sudden rise price of materials

26. Cost management technique which specially addresses strategic issues is classified as

  • address management
  • issue management
  • strategic cost management
  • managerial cost

27. The contribution margin increase when sales volume remain the same and

  • variable cost per unit decrease
  • variable cost per unit increase
  • fixed cost decrease
  • fixed cost increase

28. Which of the following is an indirect cost?

  • The cost of restriping the parking lot at a perfume factory
  • The cost of bottles in a shampoo factory
  • The cost of denim in a jeans factory
  • All of the above

29. The use of fixed costs to extract higher percentage changes in profits as sales activity changes involves

  • operating leverage
  • degree of operating leverage
  • margin of safety
  • variable cost reduction

30. Experimentation and generation of ideas related to new product or services are included in

  • addressing management
  • research and development
  • value development
  • service provider

31. Fishbone diagram is an example of

  • relevant costing diagram
  • cause and effect diagram
  • control chart
  • Pareto diagram

32. On-time performance and customer-response time are examples of

  • customer measures
  • financial measures
  • measures of growth and learning
  • measures of internal business processes

33. If total number of employees surveyed are 200 and employees that indicate higher rating for satisfaction are 195, then employee satisfaction would be

  • 94.00%
  • 93.00%
  • 95.00%
  • 97.50%

34. Costs incur for defective products, before their shipment to customers can be categorized as

  • prevention costs
  • external failure costs
  • appraisal costs
  • internal failure costs

35. Total manufacturing time is multiplied to manufacturing cycle efficiency to calculate

  • manufacturing cycle efficiency
  • value added manufacturing time
  • responding time
  • delivery time

36. Costs that are incurred to prevent low quality goods production are classified as

  • costs of quality
  • costs of learning
  • costs of reengineering
  • costs of spoilage inventory

37. Timeframe between placement of order until a finished good produces is classified as

  • customer response time
  • manufacturing lead time
  • manufacturing cycle time
  • both b and c

38. Costs that are incurred to find manufactured products, which does not meet specifications are called

  • prevention costs
  • external failure costs
  • appraisal costs
  • internal failure costs

39. Graph which plots series of successive observations of specific procedure, operation or step at regular time intervals is called

  • relevant costing diagram
  • cause and effect diagram
  • control chart
  • pareto diagram

40. Reduction in setup time, manufacturing cycle efficiency and average time of manufacturing for key products are examples of

  • measures of growth and learning
  • measures of internal business processes
  • customer measures
  • financial measures

41. Employees that are trained to manage bottlenecks, during production operations and employee satisfaction are related to

  • measures of growth and learning
  • measures of internal business processes
  • customer measures
  • financial measures

42. Sum of cost of direct materials, costs of buildings, equipment, research and development costs is classified as

  • throughput costs
  • investments
  • operating costs
  • marginal costs

43. Consumed time to deliver a complete order to its customers is termed as

  • responding time
  • value chain time
  • delivery time
  • manufacturing cycle efficiency

44. Number of employees that indicate high ratings of satisfaction, divided by number of surveyed employees are to calculate

  • employee satisfaction
  • employee turnover
  • employee training
  • employee failures

45. Time between a customer's order placement till customer receives its delivery is known as

  • manufacturing lead time
  • manufacturing cycle time
  • customer response time
  • system process time

46. Sum of manufacturing and waiting time for an order is classified as

  • manufacturing efficiency time
  • manufacturing cycle time
  • responding time
  • value chain time

47. A product performance in comparison to its features and design is classified as

  • learning quality
  • design quality
  • conformance quality
  • business process quality

48. Statistical quality control is also called

  • statistical process control
  • statistical failure control
  • statistical control of prevention cost
  • statistical control of sunk cost

49. A theory which describes techniques of operating income maximization, facing with non-bottleneck and bottle neck operations is

  • theory of contribution
  • theory of constraints
  • theory of conflicts
  • theory of maximization

50. A process by which employees can make decisions is divided by total number of processes to calculate

  • employee turnover ratio
  • employee empowerment ratio
  • employee satisfaction ratio
  • employee training percentage

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