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Following are some of the multiple choice questions on the Android with answers that will help the students in developing their knowledge.

Android MCQ

1. Full Name of Android

2. Android Is Developed By

  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Android Inc.

3. ADB stands for

  • Application Debug Bridge
  • Android Debug Container
  • Android Debug Bridge
  • Android Dalvik Bridge

4. Which Programming Language Is Used For Android Application Development?

  • NodeJs
  • PHP
  • Java
  • JSX

5. Android Web Browser is based on

  • Chrome
  • Open-source Webkit
  • Safari
  • Firefox

6. In Which Directory XML Layout Files Are Stored

  • /assets
  • /src
  • /res/values
  • /res/layout

7. Which company developed android?

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Android Inc
  • Nokia

8. Which among these are NOT a part of Android’s native libraries?

  • Webkit
  • Dalvik
  • OpenGL
  • SQLite

9. What is the name of the program that converts Java byte code into Dalvik byte code?

  • Android Interpretive Compiler (AIC)
  • Dalvik Converter
  • Dex compiler
  • Mobile Interpretive Compiler (MIC)

10. What was the first phone released that ran the Android OS?

  • Google gphone
  • T-Mobile G1C
  • Motorola Droid
  • HTC Hero

11. When did Google purchase Android?

  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006

12. Android is based on which kernel?

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Symbian

13. What is contained within the manifest xml file?

  • The permission that app requires
  • The list of string used in the app
  • The source code
  • All other choices

14. What does the src folder contain?

  • Image and icon files
  • XML resource files
  • The application manifest file
  • Java source code files

15. What is the parent class of all Activity widgets?

  • Layout
  • ViewGroup
  • View
  • Widget

16. What Activity method you use to retrieve a reference to an Android view by using the id attribute of a resource XML?

  • findViewByReference(int id)
  • findViewById(int id)
  • retrieveResourceById(int id)
  • findViewById(String id)

17. Android is a linux based operating system?

  • True
  • False

18. What was Google’s main business motivation for supporting Android?

  • To level the playing field for mobile devices
  • To directly compete with the iPhone
  • To corner the mobile device application market for licensing purposes
  • To allow them to advertise more

19. What method you should override to use Android menu system?

  • onCreateOptionsMenu()
  • onCreateMenu()
  • onMenuCreated()
  • onCreateContextMenu()

20. What is AAPT?

  • Android Asset Processing Tool.
  • Android Asset Providing Tool.
  • Android Asset Packaging Tool
  • Android Asset Packaging Technique.

21. What is the difference between margin and padding in android layout?

  • Margin is specifying the extra space left on all four sides in layout
  • Padding is used to offset the content of a view by specific px or dp
  • Both A and B are correct
  • None of the above

22. What is the name of the class used by Intent to store additional information?

  • Parcelable
  • DataStore
  • Extra
  • Bundle

23. University Roll No

24. What is the latest Android?

  • Masmallow
  • Pie
  • Q
  • Noughat

25. What language used in Android Studio?

  • Java
  • C#
  • HTML
  • Android Studio

26. Which Android permission you should add to allow your application to read the device’s address book?


27. What does this code do? Intent intent = new Intent(); intent.setAction(Intent.ACTION_VIEW); intent.setData(android.net.Uri.parse("http://www.androidatc.com")); startActivity(intent);

  • Starts an activity using an implicit intent.
  • Sends results to another activity
  • Starts a sub-activity.
  • Starts a service

28. What does the Android project folder “res/” contain?

  • Resource files
  • Java Activity classes
  • Java source code
  • Libraries

29. What is not true about the AndroidManifest.xml file?

  • It declares the views used within the application.
  • It declares user permissions the application requires.
  • It declares hardware and software features used within the application.
  • It declares application components.

30. The android library that provides access to UI pre-built elements such as buttons, lists, views etc. is

  • android.text
  • android.os
  • android.view
  • android.webkit

31. When developing for the Android OS, Java bytecode is compiled into what?

  • Java source code
  • Dalvik application code
  • Dalvik byte code
  • C source code

32. Which among the following are part of "Application" layer of Android Architecture

  • Contacts
  • Browser
  • facebook
  • All of these

33. Android is a ___________

  • Google Play Store
  • Open Source Software
  • Flowchart 
  • IceCream

34. If your application is throwing exception android.content.ActivityNotFoundException, which of the following could resolve the problem?

  • Add the activity to AndroidManifest.xml
  • Create the activity layout
  • Create a new sub-class of the View class
  • Create a new broadcast receiver

35. Select a component which is NOT part of Android architecture.

  • Android Framework
  • Libraries
  • Linux Kernel
  • Android Document

36. An ________ is the entry point for interacting with the user.

  • activity
  • Activity

37. ConstraintLayout is a layout that defines the position for each view based on constraints to sibling views and the parent layout.

  • True
  • False

38. OnStart() method represents

  • if the activity is at the background and still visible
  • if the activity is not visible and therefore is hidden or obscured by another activity
  • when the activity process is killed or completed terminated
  • if the activity is at the foreground

39. What changes are made when you add a second Activity to your app by choosing File > New > Activity and an Activity template? Choose one:

  • The second Activity is added as a Java class. You still need to add the XML layout file.
  • The second Activity XML layout file is created and a Java class added. You still need to define the class signature.
  • The second Activity is added as a Java class, the XML layout file is created, and the AndroidManifest.xml file is changed to declare a second Activity.
  • The second Activity XML layout file is created, and the AndroidManifest.xml file is changed to declare a second Activity.

40. Which of the following Android View sub-classes uses the WebKit rendering engine to display web pages?

  • MapView
  • PageView
  • WebView
  • HttpClient

41. Gradle is the build system used in Android Studio. It builds, tests, runs, and packages your apps

  • True
  • False

42. Most of UI is defined in............ files

  • PHP
  • CSS
  • XML
  • CCS

43. Andorid doesnt make any assumptions about a device's screen size,resolution,chipset

  • True
  • False

44. What does the .apk extension stands for

  • Application package
  • Application Program kit
  • Android Proprietary kit
  • Android Package

45. During an activity life cycle, what is the first callback method invoked by the system?

  • onStart()
  • onCreate()
  • onPause()
  • onStop()

46. While Java or Kotlin source files stored in ....

  • /res/drawable
  • /src
  • /res/values
  • /res/layout

47. On 7 May 2019, Google announced that the Kotlin programming language is now its preferred language for Android app developers.

  • True
  • False

48. What year did Andy leave Danger to form Android Inc.?

  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006

49. What was the touch screen-less Android device prototype known as?

  • Later
  • Earlier
  • Seeker
  • None of the above and/or below

50. How much was Android Inc. bought for by Google in 2005?

  • ~50 000 000 USD
  • ~10 000 000 USD
  • ~5 000 000 USD
  • ~100 000 000 USD

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