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This RL Circuits Class 8 MCQ test contains random 30 Objective Questions. You have select one correct answer among given options.

RL Circuits Class 8 MCQ With Answers

1. Would would best complete this circuit?

  • A wire
  • A switch
  • A battery
  • A light bulb

2. What is wrong with the circuit?

  • The light is not big enough
  • it needs more wires
  • The wires are not closed
  • Another energy source is needed

3. When you flip a light switch on and off you are closing and opening a circuit.

  • true
  • false

4. A complete electric circuit that allows electrons to flow along an uninterrupted path is called a/n ___________________.

  • Open circuit
  • Closed ciruit
  • Electric circuit
  • Series circuit

5. Which of the following can work as an energy source?

  • Battery
  • Light bulb
  • Wire
  • All of them

6. Will the light bulb in this circuit light and why/why not?

  • yes, because it has two batteries
  • no, because the switch is open
  • yes, because it is in a circuit
  • no, because the bulb is burned out

7. Open circuit or closed circuit?Will the light bulb light up?

  • Light bulb WILL light up
  • Closed circuit
  • Light bulb WILL NOT light up
  • Both A & B

8. A/n ______________________________________ is one in which there is an opening that does not allow current to flow.

  • Open circuit
  • Closed circuit
  • Series circuit
  • Parallel ciruit

9. Look at the picture.  Why won't the light bulb light up?

  • The wires from the light bulb are not connected to the battery
  • The switch is not closed to form a complete circuit 
  • The wires from the light bulb are not connected to the switch 
  • The wires from the battery are not connected to the switch 

10. What is a switch's function in a circuit?

  • to make the current hotter or colder
  • turn on and off the flow of electrical current
  • the pathway that electrical current flows
  • to add more power to the circuit

11. If the electric circuit is OPEN, the switch is ____.

  • ON
  • OFF

12. Current is...

  • how fast the electrons are moving
  • the flow of electrical charge
  • the power source
  • the amount of energy gained/lost across two points

13. What is a circuit that only has ONE path for electricity to flow?

  • series circuit
  • closed circuit
  • parallel circuit
  • light bulb

14. When all parts of the circuit are connected it is a ______ circuit. 

  • open
  • closed

15. Which best describes a simple series circuit?

  • Electricity flows along one pathway.
  • The flow of electricity comes from the switch.
  • Electricity flows along many pathways.
  • The flow of electricity comes from the light bulb.

16. We need a _____ circuit for the light bulb to BE ON. 

  • closed
  • open

17. When wires are connected to a battery and a lightbulb in a circuit, the lightbulb is light. Which types of energy are produced by the battery and lightbulb?

  • Electrical and light
  • electrical and sound
  • sound and light
  • all of the above

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