Energy and Power Class 8 MCQ Electrical Engineering

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This Energy and Power Class 8 MCQ test contains random 30 Objective Questions. You have select one correct answer among given options.

Energy and Power Class 8 MCQ With Answers

1. Which two energy sources together provide more than 50% of the energy needs in the US?

  • nuclear and natural gas
  • oil and coal
  • hydro power and oil
  • natural gas and oil

2. Which form of energy is being converted to electrical energy by the batteries in a flashlight?

  • Chemical
  • Nuclear
  • Solar
  • Sound

3. Energy is

  • Whether one feels like doing work
  • the ability to do work
  • calculated by dividing the amount of work by the amount of time to do the work
  • just another word for work

4. Which energy source is renewable?

  • Fuel oil
  • Natural Gas
  • WInd
  • Coal

5. The unit for power is

  • Calorie
  • Work
  • Watt
  • Power

6. Which type of electromagnetic energy has a shorter wavelength than ultraviolet?

  • Visible Light
  • X rays
  • Microwaves
  • Infrared

7. Energy of motion is called

  • elastic potential energy
  • kinetic energy
  • gravitational potential energy
  • chemical energy

8. Which factor contributes to global warming?

  • increased use of solar-powered cars
  • increased burning of fossil fuels
  • better long-term weather forecasts
  • changing distance between Earth and Sun

9. The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but energy can change

  • its total mass
  • its total volume
  • from one form to another
  • from one state of matter to another

10. Which form of energy is produced when a rubber band vibrates?

  • chemical
  • light
  • electrical
  • sound

11. As a rubber band is snapping back, it has what kind of energy?

  • Potential
  • Kinetic
  • None
  • Position

12. Which changes in energy are illustrated in the diagram?

  • electrical to sound to light and mechanical
  • sound to mechanical to light and electrical
  • mechanical to light to sound and electrical
  • light to electrical to mechanical and sound

13. Which form of energy is almost always produced during energy transformations?

  • Heat
  • Electricity
  • Light
  • Sound

14. As a candle burns, the chemical energy stored in the wax is transferred into

  • Heat and Light
  • Heat and Magnetism
  • Electricity and Light
  • Electricity and Magnetism

15. The bulb above is not lit when the switch is in this position because...

  • Current is flowing
  • The wire is connected
  • The circuit is not complete
  • The Circuit is complete

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