Illumination engineering Class 4 MCQ Electrical Engineering

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This Illumination engineering Class 4 MCQ test contains random 30 Objective Questions. You have select one correct answer among given options.

Illumination engineering Class 4 MCQ With Answers

1. What might be a constraint if you had to build an airplane to get you to California by Thanksgiving?

  • oxygen
  • water
  • time
  • food

2. What is the criteria of a design project?

  • the rules for evaluating or testing it
  • the questions you have about it
  • the people who you work with
  • the limitations

3. What step in the design process comes after design?

  • share solution
  • redesign
  • test and evaluate
  • brainstorm

4. Which of the following is a model that allows you to test your design?

  • solution
  • design
  • prototype
  • failure point

5. Which of the following is a magnetic closure?

  • something that picks up magnets.
  • something that opens and closes with magnets.
  • something that builds magnets
  • something that eats a magnet.

6. It is important to build a ___________ so that you can perform tests to see if it works before building your final design.

  • drawing
  • report
  • design brief
  • prototype

7. Which two answers best describes criteria?

  • how the model could fail
  • the limits of the model
  • what the model must look like
  • None of these

8. How did these students solve the problem of how to get in and out of their tree house?

  • They built a rope ladder.
  • They built steps on the tree trunk.
  • They climbed branches to reach the tree house.
  • They built it low so they can reach it from the ground

9. Which of the following sentences explains a cause and effect relationship? (two are correct)

  • The more magnets used on the cart, the more paperclips can be picked up.
  • The paperclips are picked up when you roll the cart.
  • The cart is built with wheels and axels.
  • The more friction there is, the quicker the cart stops rolling.

10. What step in the design process comes after identifying the problem?

  • design
  • brainstorm
  • redesign
  • build

11. Engineers ________________

  • use science and math
  • don't use technology
  • don't use science and math
  • only use science

12. What determines whether or not engineering solutions are successful?

  • If it stays within the constraints and meets the criteria
  • If it looks cool
  • If it makes the most money
  • if it uses the most technology

13. A student is designing and building a sled for an olympic ice luge. Which of the following could be a criteria?

  • Sleds are fun.
  • Sleds can weigh no more than 23 kilograms.
  • Sleds are dangerous.
  • The people who compete are called sliders.

14. Which is an example of technology?

  • a bird’s nest.
  • a mountain.
  • a pencil .
  • water.

15. Why do engineers follow the design process?

  • To find solutions to real life problems
  • To understand how Earth formed
  • To practice making measurements
  • To use the same solution for every problem

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