Electric Traction Class 4 MCQ Electrical Engineering

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This Electric Traction Class 4 MCQ test contains random 30 Objective Questions. You have select one correct answer among given options.

Electric Traction Class 4 MCQ With Answers

1. Resistor

  • A flow of electricity through a conductor
  • a path through which electricity can flow
  • a device that can open or close a circuit
  • an object in an electrical circuit that resists the flow of energy

2. What kind of energy is in a moving skateboard?

  • Potential
  • Kinetic

3. What is an ion?

  • an atom with a positive or negative charge
  • an atom with more neutrons than electrons
  • an atom with no electrons
  • None of these

4. It is a reserve of chemical energy that can be transformed into electrical energ

  • battery
  • utilizer
  • wire
  • All of above

5. Normally there are as many electrons as protons in the atom.

  • TRUE

6. __________ is stored energy. 

  • Potential
  • Kinetic
  • None of the above 
  • All of the above 

7. If an object has more positive than negative charges, its electrical charge is...

  • positive
  • negative
  • neutral or no charge
  • opposite

8. Electricity does not flow well through insulators. A good example of an insulator is _________________.

  • plastic
  • metal

9. ____________ is the ability to cause change. 

  • Energy 
  • Force 
  • Friction
  • Motion

10. Electricity flows well through "conductors." A good example of a conductor is ___________________.

  • metal
  • wood

11. A positive ion is an atom with more electrons than protons

  • TRUE

12. Static electricity occurs because...

  • of thunder
  • of humid air
  • of neutral particles adding up
  • of a buildup of charges on an object.

13. The main function of capacitor is to ......

  • supply energy to the circuit
  • decrease the voltage difference between capacitor plates
  • store charges in capacitor
  • All of above

14. A material through which heats or electricity flows easily.

  • electric current
  • radiation
  • condutor
  • insulator

15. A material that slows or stops the flow of energy, such as thermal energy, electricity and sound.

  • electric current
  • radiation
  • condutor
  • insulator

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